The Coppola Family: Bringing the world to your feet for three generations

Coppola Home (and its wholesale brand Italtex) has come to be synonymous with many things - European style; value for money; high quality products; a passion and eye for trends; and ultimate dedication to customer love and care. 

The Italtex business was created in 1976, by rug pioneer and dedicated family man, Giuseppe Coppola. ‘Peppi’, as he was affectionately known, journeyed the world seeking out the best products, from the most skilled craftsmen and women. He had a keen eye for spotting trends, and an uncanny ability for sourcing the best materials, transformed by the most authentic and innovative techniques, and a brilliant strategic mind.  

But, in true Coppola fashion, he didn’t do it alone - it was a family affair from day one…

Ten years after the end of WWII, Giuseppe Coppola met Ingeborg Hellberg (Inge), at a local dancehall in Stockholm, Sweden. After a short courtship, they spent two years travelling together to the most remote corners of the world, carving out a modest living selling finished fabrics to East African tribespeople along their route. In 1957, they took their journey to the ‘land of opportunity’, Australia.

They settled in Sydney, and while it was a different world to their European upbringings, they put down roots and raised a beautiful family of two sons, Roberto (Rob) and Stefano (Steve). Spurred on by the ‘Aussie battler’ mentality, in a country known for embracing and encouraging grassroots innovation, the foundations of Italtex were laid.

By the mid 1980s, the business was going from strength to strength. It became clear that more help was needed as it seemed every carpet, rug and furniture shop was now demanding Italtex’s quality rugs imported directly from the world’s best producers in Belgium and Turkey (and later India and China). And so, the two brothers joined their father in the family business, where they remain to this day.

Despite the men often holding different (and passionate) opinions on how things should be done, family love and respect always won out, and the business thrived. The entrepreneurial drive of the family patriarch, combined with decades travelling to the world’s design capitals of New York, London, Rome and Paris, have helped craft a truly unique business that doesn’t follow trends, but sets them.

Today, Rob and Steve are committed to evolving and growing the Italtex brand, in honour of their later Mother and Father and to build a legacy for their own children. Buoyed by their success in wholesale supply, the new generation of Italtex are making the bold move into direct-to-customer retail with the next chapter of the family businesses; Coppola Home. 

The Coppola family business you know and love today is a generational legacy that was built by Peppi and Inge, and continues to evolve under the committed and passionate guidance of their sons, and grandson, Nick.

A true family tapestry, Coppola Home will capture your heart and embody the style you seek. From our family to yours, we cannot wait to bring the world to your feet.