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Agra Cream Hand Woven Rug

  • 160x230
  • 200x290
  • 240x330
  • 300x400
  • 60x90
  • Cream

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The Agra collection is designed to be seen. Much like its Indian namesake, the home of the white marble Taj Mahal, the Agra collection is a testament to the remarkable beauty of subtle colours. 

Inspired by the rich cultural heritage of Agra, this collection features simple designs and exquisite detailing that pay homage to the city's iconic monuments and architectural marvels. Made of a premium blend of 60% wool and 40% viscose, this rug offers a perfect balance of durability and softness, ensuring a plush and inviting feel underfoot.

In design, white and light colours are used to create a sense of spaciousness and tranquillity, making rooms feel airy and open and that is exactly what you can expect with an Agra rug. Evoking a sense of elegance and sophistication, these rugs are versatile and timeless, with almost universal appeal.

Designed to elevate your home with timeless elegance and luxurious comfort, each rug is crafted with meticulous care in India, ensuring every creation is a brilliant hand-made masterpiece of the highest quality and craftsmanship.

Built with extreme softness as a priority, the Agra rug is meticulously crafted to be a captivating centrepiece that invites attention and admiration. Whether placed in your living room, bedroom or shared family space, this rug is sure to add a touch of luxury, comfort and refinement to your home.

At Coppola Home we bring a world to your feet. Experience the unparalleled beauty and comfort of the Agra collection.

Product Information

MATERIAL: 60% Wool/ 40% Viscose
USE: Indoor

Care Instructions

Always look to stain guard your rug - ask for a recommended provider online or instore
One of the most important steps when spot-cleaning a viscose rug is to treat the stain as quickly as possible. This prevents the stain from spreading deeper into the rug’s fabric and damaging other fibers. Follow the steps below to treat your rug’s stains.
If you spill a liquid onto your rug, use a paper towel or clean lightly-colored rag to gently dap the affected area. Do not scrub or brush.

Add A Rug Pad

Care Rug - Loving your Rug

Loving your Rug

How to Care for your Rug at Home

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